For Parents

If any of the following would serve your family, we would count it a privilege to join you in investing in your child:
  • Helping kids build deep and lasting friendships
  • Encouraging the development of a healthy self image
  • Providing new, exciting challenges
  • Introducing kids to Jesus Christ and His relevance to their lives today
  • Offering kids a safe place to belong

WyldLife is an outgrowth of YoungLife, a ministry that has been around since 1941 and now has programs in all 50 state and more than 50 foreign countries.  YoungLife is the largest Christian teen organization in the word, working with one million kids a year.

We are not aligned with any one church, but are supported by most Protestant denominations and Catholic parishes as we only talk about the basics of faith upon which we all agree. For more than four decades, Young Life has made a significant difference in the lives of high school students throughout Howard County. 

WyldLife values parents. We see our role as coming alongside families to invest in their kids. We always want parents to feel informed about our work, invited to participate and ask questions — we want to work together any way we can! Young Life cherishes the involvement of parents in a number of important roles within the ministry.

We are committed to growing kids and providing them with a safe place where they can explore life and the One who created it. We carefully screen our leaders to ensure they are men and women of integrity, and all volunteers are rigorously trained.

What Kids Need

According to a U.S. Department of Education study, the five things kids need most are:

  • Increased respect from adults
  • More time and involvement from adults
  • More constructive opportunities to experiment with life
  • More constructive opportunities for moral development
  • Help to find the meaning of life

WyldLife is designed to meet these needs.